Employee Engagement Solutions

While there are numerous consulting companies who measure engagement and some who develops training programs for increasing the level of engagement through leadership behaviors, DEVELOR’s solution package has several unique methodologies and approaches:

  • Creating a clear set of expectations and setting objectives based on „the level of effort”, which guarantees the measurable success of the program
  • While most consulting approaches focus on increasing employee engagement through leadership development; we at DEVELOR believe that employees are equally responsible for their own engagement.
  • High focus on designing the „Engagement Governance Model” and the „Employee Engagement Maintenance System”, which ensures the sustainability of behavior change both managerial and employee level.
  • Continuous measurement and application support tools guarantee that the program is not just a seasonal fashion but a long term strategy.

The Solution Package framework

1)    Assessing the current level of engagement, the related processes and setting measurable objectives by agreeing on the level of effort.

2)    Designing the „Governance Model” and the „Employee Engagement Maintenance System”; designing critical behaviors both for managers and for employees.

3)    Developing the critical behaviors and introducing the Key Drivers to sustainability: developing the Lean LEAN© Employee Engagement application support tools, processes and systems.

4)    Implementing the Governance Model and the Employee Engagement Maintenance System.

5)    Running and measuring the engagement with constant monitoring through a DEVELOR Dashboard.