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TOPIC: Managing Leadership Tasks

  • How to ensure a proactive and yet balanced leadership style that focuses really on leading instead of working in a reactive, survival mode?
  • What is the current and desired distribution of your various leadership tasks?
  • How to establish a leadership routine that helps to incorporate all levels of leadership tasks?


Date: 2nd December, Tuesday, 10:30-11:30 (CEST Time)

Keith Parker, senior trainer at Develor will present to you the topic that will enable you to manage your leadership tasks more aligned with the vision



  • Avoid reactive, survival mode and focus more on real leading
  • Plan and manage our leaderships tasks more consciously
  • Enable ourselves to keep focusing on the high level objectives
  • Create a sustainable control over our leadership tasks



  • Components of individual & managerial performance
  • The Leadership Whirlpool model
  • The 4 types of leadership tasks and their goals in leadership work
  • Traps: why we don’t do the higher level tasks
  • Leadership calendar




Keith Parker
International Senior Trainer

Keith has been delivering training courses and workshops in 10 countries for more than 15 years. His main expertise is in sales, leadership and personal effectiveness programs, both in classroom and virtual formats.

Client said:“I enjoyed the attractive, stimulating and involving style of the trainer, it made it so alive, real and entertaining.“”


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