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4th March 2015 – Budapest, Hungary

Customer Experience is a key differentiator of today’s business. Based on DEVELOR’s International Customer Experience Research 2014, corporate decision makers reported 21% total income loss in case of fail to provide positive, brand consistent CX. This is a huge amount at stake.

Technology clearly has a key role, but it’s crucial for organisations to look more broadly, considering the importance of internal factors and human resources. Around 90% of top companies manages CX amongst the highest ranked strategic topics, and almost all aims to be the CX leader of their business segment.

Join a dedicated group of international CEOs, CMOs, CX Managers and Retail Directors to learn more about this strategic issue and share your practices.


  • The results of the International Customer Experience Survey 2014
  • Governance Model to drive Customer Loyalty
  • Alignment of Customer Touchpoints
  • Keynote speech of 2014 CX Award winners
  • NPS+ – the new way to detect subconscious CX drivers


  • State-of-Art Online Solutions
  • Big Data and Personalization
  • International Engagement Project to drive CX
  • Internal CX audit in practice
  • 21st Century Call Centre for client retention
  • Learning intervention driving measurable CX
  • The presentation of the winners of “Best CX Projects Award 2014”


  • “Best CX Project Award 2014” Ceremony

Conference application details will be announced on 15th January 2015.

Save the date for one of the largest CX conference of 2015 and nominate your project for “Best CX Project 2014”.

Best CX Project 2014

The International CX Conference provides a great opportunity to share experiences among CX professionals and learn from best practices. If your business or team delivered any CX initiative you are proud of, nominate your project for the “Best CX Project Award 2014”. Download the nomination form here and submit the form by 10 February 2015. The international jury will consist of CEOs from leading CX service providers.